I think I could turn n live with animals

They are so placid n self contained

They do not lie in the dark n weep for their sins

They do not make me sick discussing their duties to a god

Not one kneels to another or to his/her own kind

that lived thousands of years ago

Not one of them is respectable or unhappy

all over the earth!~


Walt Whitman



"Nature is older, wiser and is infinitely more important than we humans are,
in the scheme of things on a universal level.
This is a hard truth for some folks to swallow,
who are arrogent to think humans are superior to nature,
when in fact nature is superior to humans,
modern humans who live their lives out of balance with nature,
nature which creates us and is our home n thus,
humans are out of balance with their own true nature"





Only when we accept full responsibility for ourselves
will we have the confidence and courage to risk and live our dreams in every
moment, including never giving our own responsability and personal freedom(s)
and powers to or allowing it to be taken from us by any governments and/or
religions and/or individuals.



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