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Wild foods and resources maps - Auckland and Christchurch

This topic is borderline bushcraft, probably more in the environmentalist/far left domain of "urban foraging". I just think its a great concept and if nothing else a remarkable feat of collaboration. (Thanks to Nadia for telling me about it)

Both the…


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A few favorite quotes

I think I could turn n live with animals

They are so placid n self contained

They do not lie in the dark n weep for their sins

They do not make me sick discussing their duties to a god

Not one kneels to another or to his/her own kind

that lived thousands of years ago

Not one of them is respectable or unhappy

all over the earth!~




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Constructing a Fire Piston



Creating fire by different techniques is fundemental to bushcraft. For years I have been intrigued by the fire piston, but considered the skill to make one was beyond me.


I then watched the video on this bushcraft site of a piston being carved out of wood with a…


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Intro in the key of A sharp



Ive been actively involved in learning bush craft since I was a young kid, knee high to a grass hooper.

Ive been teaching since I was 15 ehthusiastically turning friends n kindred strangers onto aspects of bushcraft

then some time later in 94 I started to teach professionally at schools…


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