Title is self pretty explanatory, whats your favourite knot? (Lashings count)

Mine would have to be either a bowline or a prusik knot.

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For me, bowline all the way! By far the one I use the most.

Having said that I could use the prusik more when I think about it. I'm going to start using it for rigging up my tarp, that way I can tighten it up once the rope slacks a bit or I need to re-adjust

Yeah it can be quite handy and pretty quick and easy to tie!

I think there is something pretty cool about the truckers hitch. The leverage it gives is really useful

Ooohhh,.. Can't say I've really used it but I might have to try it out!

I also like the klemheist knot, it's pretty simple but it has it's uses.

Good question, very hard to give one knot as my favourite.

I use the shoelace knot, otherwise known as a bow knot everyday, as most of people do. 

I really like a good slip knot when in the bush. I really like the double fisherman's knot and use it quite often.

And I also fancy the butterfly knot when I need loops along the rope or string, I also find it handy to make my truckers hitch more secure.

But if I had to choose only one knot, it would have to be the good old shoelace knot, I mean where would we be without it. Its normally the first knot we all learn when we were kids. And we use it almost daily, I would assume it is the most used knot in the world along with the half hitch.

You make a good point there Glen.

I remember when I was young (well, younger) and I first learnt the shoelace knot, I spent ages practising it until I could do it with my eyes closed. My brother and I used to have competitions to see who could tie it the fastest ( Don't ask me who won I can't remember :P).

A bit off topic here but when I learn a knot I like to practice it until I can tie it with my eyes closed as it could be invaluable when its dark and I need to tie something together.

Double Figure of Eight on the bight - so useful, easy to undo, extremely secure, good looking knot!

Yeah that one can be really useful as well, I used to use it a lot when we did rock climbing at school for outdoor ed.


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