I finally tried my Swiss army knife, locking blade model, on my firesteel and it threw good sparks. I have tried other stainless knives on the firesteel and hardly any sparks. So I carry a Frost Mora carbon as my knife and a LMF firesteel. I am wondering if a better carry option would be my SAK and a larger knife for wood chopping etc, such as a Parang or a Golok. Does any one carry this type of set up, or what are your thoughts on it?

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I carry a buffalo creek folding knife with a robust locking blade which has served me well (see attached pic). There are pros (safety when stored) and cons (joint is weak point) to folding knives.

I also sometimes carry a short 35cm long machete sometimes, with these two I can tackle any task
The middle one (the skinner) looks pretty professional have you made that one?
Oh yeah? what else do you use it for?

I really like Gobspark fire steels more than the LMF. They're a bit more sparkier.

Mora makes the finest blade for the money, but the more heavy duty skookum knife looks the fischizzle.

SAK knives are ok, but never seem to get as sharp as my carbon steel blades. Their advantages are the saw and the awl. Great Eastern Cutlery's Tidouite or Northfield brands make a much better blade out of 1095, but are much spendier. I prefer the plainer and cheaper Tidouite knives.

I have a TOPS ATAX and it is an incredibly versatile and useful tool for bushcraft. It's also quite portable and socially acceptable when a dangling 10 inch blade knife is not (haven't we all been there?;)). 

I also have a Buck Hoodlum, which is the closest thing to parang or golok that I have, but haven't given it a proper test drive yet. It is certainly a decent chopper but not as much so as the longer and heftier parang, but it was intended to be a trade-off as by the same token it's more portable. My three gripes are the sheath which could be better fitted, the handle isn't as well fitted as I'd like, and the notch in the spine greatly detracts from it's strength, although has uses. 



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