Floor van de Water is a new member to the site and has a few friends together that would be really keen for a bushcraft workshop in Otago.

Do we have any members that would be keen? A few with experience to share what they know, could be any number of bushcraft basics. More beginners also very welcome!

Please comment below

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10 th Feb is out for me I'm afraid :-(

Yep there are cheaper options the biggest exspence is the helicopter ride to the tops.But its the quickest way to access the park and maximise bush time and allows us to cover various terrain and hence encounter a larger variety of fauna and flora.Also if there are novices in the group the area I have in mind is perfect for all skill levels.Also has large nos of deer and possums as well as a moutain lake which we camp at with geese on as they are now on the pest list too the hunting and trapping possibilities are great. But anything is possible.We could walk in and out or boat over to a hut a base our selves there (this could be a wet weather option).Basically the bigger the budget the less people/tracks you encounter.I guess just let me know what you guys are happy with spending and I will come up with a plan.Cheers Andy

I'd love to come, but I'm way up in Auckland, so have a good time!

Any definites been sorted for this trip ?


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