I am looking for a good wood carving knife. I have a Fallkniven F1 and love using it but it is a bit to big for some of the fine detailed work I would like to do. I would like to get some thing like the Mora carving knives but I cant find them for sale anywhere other than the UK and Amazon which doesn't ship to New Zealand. So do you guys have any suggestions for some carving knives that I can easily get in New Zealand for no more the 60 bucks.


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try Brisa I am sure Dennis ships all over the world.

Have you got any idea of the shipping cost?

not sure off the top of my head, but why not organise a group buy and split the costs with some other folks.

I might be looking for a few bits n pieces soon. I need something to wrap the huge 100 year old cherry burl I have just been given around. :-))

Hi Dillon, one of the knife threads from the forums (here) has some really good info, there are some comments about looking in RD1 and those kinds of agriculture chains. 

Hope this helps, keep us updated!

The armyshop store (kiwidisposals.co.nz) has a store in Chch I think, and they usually have some well priced knives. The website only has a small selection of what they stock in store.


I have done a lot of carving with a no8 carbon steel opinel, can't fault it as a wood working blade, really comfy handle for a folding knife and the steel is top notch. And they cost about 30 bucks..


If you want something more specialized (expensive) have a look at the flexcut range, there seem to be heaps available on trademe


Happy hunting :o)

Talbert mentioned here that bunnings has rebranded mora clipper knives (rebranded as bahco) for $15. Also I found a great video on a few modifications you can make (its in the multimedia section here). Looks like it would be a cheap option to give a go, can't really go wrong for that price.

i am looking for a spoon knife or crooked knife for wood carving, does anyone know of anywhere in nz that sells wood carving tools, 

i have looked on google but can't find any that are nz based.


When I developed a passion for old style woodworking using old hand tools, it quickly became apparent I was either going to need to spend a lot of time and money hunting esoteric handmade tools such as crook knives or learn to make them myself.. My advice: get yourself a gas torch, a piece of railway track (or almost anything heavy and metal for an anvil), some pliers and a hammer, a bench grinder and a few good old high carbon steel files to play with and enter the exciting world of being able to make any woodworking tool you want just how you want it for next to nothing..  

This is a fantastic book to get you started.. http://www.fishpond.co.nz/Books/Make-Your-Own-Woodworking-Tools-Mik...

Good luck!

I think Amazon does do international shipping. A friend of mine has bought from them.


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