I've heard that Manuka, Kanuka and Lance wood are good for making bows but not sure where to source long lengths that are suitable...

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Hi Mike. I am not too up to date on bow making but a person who may be able to help is Toa Hunter Gatherer. He lives in the Waikato and has a Facebook Page and Youtube Channel. 

He has a business making his own bows. I don't know if he is a good contact but he may be worth a shot.

You may have seen him on Maori TV, he has an outdoors/adventure show there which he hosts.

Thanks Dave, yeah I have looked at his site, pretty awesome.

Lance wood splits when it drys... go for kanuka. The only stuff that ive seen and was great is grown in a river valley, nice long standing, already seasoned. but you will have to have a play its tough stuff. I make my axe handles out of it. 

Yeah or manuka

Yep Toby, find out Lance wood does split ! made a nice whippy manuku short bow. You didn't tell me where this river valley is...? Trying to source some Hickory down in Christchurch as soon as the bloke gets round to it. Also found out that Black Locust or common Robinia is also a great bow wood.  Anyone know where I can get it?


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