As per the post title really...

What knife do you use out in the Bush?? I've had a few TBH and currently I use a Fallkniven F1.

So let us know what you use....

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kiwidisposals have some nice stuff.


My favorite knife is a NZ made Svord. The blade is so hard you have to use a daimond hone on it rather than a steel. You can skin and dress a whole deer with it before having to touch it up though. I understand they are made in Hawkes Bay. I am in the process of reshaping it as I am finding the depth of the blade at the point too thick for some dressing tasks. I have also found that I can get a shaving edge by putting the blade on a buffing wheel to finish the sharpening.

I have a stainless steel clipper that I bought here in NZ.  The knife is great, but I'd prefer a more secure sheath.   In our Mitre 10 and Bunnings hardware stores, a I've seen a knife branded 'Bahco' that I'm fairly sure is a Mora with a different name stamped on it.   The plastic on them was bright orange and they were for sale for around $17.

They are a Stainless Mora Clipper as I have bought them with the mora clipper sticker on them, it also specifies that they are a Bacho.

I have a lot of Mora/Frost knives. They are all good knives to use.

Now i use the ESEE 4 with the plain edge. This is a good working knife. It takes al the abuse i can give. My back-up is the Cold Steel Pendleton Hunter, a knife similar to the Falkniven F1 but smaller.

Both knives have a kydex sheath because i think the knives are kept cleaner this way.

Recently I bought an EnZo Trapper 95 S30V Knife/Curly birch. I haven't used this one in the bush, yet.


I like the look of that Mora..... and the hatchet has quite an appeal as well.  Very nice.

Yep, you can do all sorts of things with a nice light knife if you are careful.   I've played with all sorts of blades, and for most around home or hunting jobs I'm inclined to agree with the guys that say 'Thin is in'. The thick, heavy blades have their uses, but I find most 'normal' jobs are easier to do with a fairly thin one.

Thanks for bringing up this Post, very interesting looking at others choices of knives.

(Top) My belt knife is a Condor Hudson Bay. I wrapped paracord around the handle ending in a lanyard. It is a large knife but I find it pretty good around the camp and light to carry on my hip. It doubles as a light chopper when bush bashing.

(Middle) Boker Arkansas Traveller used as my neck knife. I will probably end up using this as a skinning knife. A well made and designed little knife but a bit too small for me to be my back up knife.

(Bottom) My pack knife/machete. Not an original design Gurka Khukuri but made by the same people in Nepal I think. Does anyone have any information on this knife?  I have heard that it was made for the Gurkas serving in Afghanistan but I think it may be a commercial design for the western market.

Very solid and robust. Not a very good handle design as the hand slips to the back of the handle as you chop. I have to stop every third chop and readjust my hand position. The blade can be made super sharp and it holds its edge well, chopping through most anything with ease. It is a bit of a mongrel weighing over 1/2 a kilo (700gm) without the sheath and the full tang blade is 9mm thick at widest point. If ever the blade gets dull it can still work by simply beating the foliage into sawdust lol.

I don't know anything about your khukuri unfortunately, but it certainly does look robust with what appears to be a full tang handle.  I can see that it would be likely to slip out of your hand while chopping... and I guess that is why a lot of the traditional khukuri handles have a big bulge at the end.  Perhaps you could fasten a loop of soft, strong cord to the front end of the handle somehow.... with the loop just big enough to fit your hand through.  Mind you, I'm not a big fan of attaching myself to a sharp blade... I'd rather drop it than risk hurting myself if I slipped.

Both those other knives look intriguing.

How did you get hold of the Condor?  Did you have to get it shipped from overseas?  

Best wishes from Nelson.... Coote.

Thanks for the tip about a hand loop Stephen. That might just work. Wrapping some cord around the finger grovoe just behind the blade then stetching it along the handle and wrapping it tight around the base of the handle just in front of the lanyard hole might do the job. It would leave me with a cord running along the handle that will slip over my fingers when I hold it. I will have a go and let you know.

The blade is full tang so it is a very strong knife but heavy knife. The weight is a small issue when compared to its chopping ability though.

The Condor is available locally at Blade Master. I have put a link in below for you. 

Have a good one Stephen.

Hi All here is my collection of knives. I made them all. Most all are L6 steel with the exception of an M4 Steel blade.

I personally will carry a kukri and a smaller knife.


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