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Im in the market for a new pair of boots but havent found anything I fancy yet.

I like the look of the new nz army boot but dont know where I could get them..

Ive have owned 3 pair of dutch army boots in the past but they are pretty uncomfortable but can go past your ankles into mud and water are the nzarmy ones better comfort wise? 


also anyone ever thought of crafting some moccasins from possum for around the campsite..?

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Hi Talbert,

Ive had heaps of boots over the years, but having a real broad foot with high instep, I've struggled to find something to stand up to a 6 hr tramp without being crippled. Afew years ago my wife bought me a pair of leather, gortex lined Raichle tramping boots which have been fantastic. Super light & comfy. Have no idea what they would cost now, but worth a look.

Cheers Norm.

I mainly use Skellerup Bullers if I am going into the bush.  I have hitek tramping boots but their rigid soles are rubbish for sneaking up on unsuspecting deer.  The Bullers are as simple as you get, light, dry really quickly and I can wear them all day (although some use inserts in them).

There is a new boot I have seen call Bog Boots too...they look good for bush use....but I guess it depends on your actual usage.

The NZ Army use Magnum boots of some sort I believe. They have a few pairs up in Auckland at Kiwi Disposals, different model, but similar.

I'm currently using British Paratrooper boots from Kiwi Disposals, they seem to work rather well, especially for $75. The problem is that I took the last size 10, so all they have left are size 9 and less. They also have Skellerup boots, but they are seconds, so make sure that they are actually the same size, regardless of what they say, so don't buy them online.

thanks for all the input peoples!



After looking at many different boots incl at kiwi disposal, I ended up buying  Teva Riva mid high boots from kathmandu. There are loads of good reviews about them on the interweb. unlike some other brands/models I liked the look of that fall apart sole coming loose etc


The Rivas have a leather outer ( i didnt want any fabric /mesh on the outside for durability)

and have Event inner lining (Goretex alike stuff) went for a walk in them this morning and am liking them a lot so far.


And at $270 on sale at kathmandu not a bad buy. I think its stupid paying 600+ bucks for some of the boots that are out there..






Sounds like you got a good deal and a nice pair of boots nice work! I like the style, I've questioned the bulk and comfort of high boots, I guess they support your ankle more but still sometimes I think its best to let your muscles and tendons do the work. Just the controversy with running shoes, the more high tech support goes in them the more fallen arches etc because the tendons get weak from not having to do the work they were designed for!

Anyway, are you thinking of treating the leather with anything to make them more waterproof or does the goretex inside do all the work? I have a new pair of timberland boots I am thinking of using beeswax on, I have read that is the best for their type of leather. These are city/urban boots btw definately not for hiking but interested in your thoughts on waterproofing the leather

 Yeah I got the mid high ones so there still is a bit of ankle support but they will also dry out fairly fast when wet.

High boots will still get wet when crossing small stream because the water splashes around where your boot hits the water

I have a big pot of leather wax stuff to finish of the same stuff I have used for years on my army boots but beez wax sounds good. never used beez wax in on shoes I sometimes warm up the wax to make it soak into the leather better

Those boots you got there are same sort of thing I was looking for simple strong and leather.

I see the goretex more as a back up and would like the leather to do most of the work. 

Boots and Bed: if you're not in one you're in the other.

I'm not sure how you do things in the NZ environment? I prefer an un-lined boot as they dry out faster. For insulation on a cold trip I have coming up I plan to wear Mukluks over the top


Spend whatever it takes, get the crying over at the time of purchace and you'll be laughing afield.


I have broken my left ankle a few times and so I definitely have a preference for high top boots for both work and play.

For easier trips I wear Evolve Razorbacks, they provide good support and are a good price ($220), the soft sole is grippy and quiet for bush stalking and trails:

For harder longer trips I wear a pair of Lowa Tibet GTX's, extremely expensive ($699) but damn are these boots hardcore!

The harder sole and ankle make these boots just the ticket on hill country with a heavy pack and they are the best breathing and fastest drying boots I've owned.

I used to wonder if they could really be worth that much but after wearing them on some big hikes I have to say the are looking like they're almost worth that 700, the only thing I have left to check are their longevity:

 Another thing I'd like to recommend are good socks such as the Bridgedale line, they are made without a seam which could rub causing blisters, they are hard wearing and have a good cushion.

The goretex lining in boots does work keeping them dry and breathing but it still pays to condition boots so the leather stays soft, the big thing to remember when selecting a condition is to make sure it's one that will allow the boot to breath still.

Too many conditioners seal the leather and create a gumboot effect which means your boots won't dry out while wearing them.

I have been using the Haix Nebraskas and they have held up really well. 

I use these cheap little aqua bootie sandals from the warehouse, modern day moccasins if you like, when I'm hunting though.


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