I happen to like lighters and cary my firesteel as a back up only but yes lighter can get wet so I made up a waterproof cap for a BIC mini lighter!


Materials needed:

-Electrical tape (quality stuff please)

-Araldite (any will do)

-Superglue (2dollar shop variety)

-Innertube from a bicycle ( For the fancy boys who like to give this stuff names: Ranger bands pffff...)



I used the tape to make a little cap, using the !!non-sticky!!! side touching the lighter!!! by rolling it around the bottom of the lighter (as this is nice and even unlike the top with all its mechanical bits)

creating an oval cylinder of =- 2.5cm high I then used a small piece of tape to make a "lid" to close the top of the cylinder (sticky side out!)

I then applied 3 thinish layers of araldite on the outside of the cap making sure the araldite is fairly dry in between each coat. ( whilst aralditing dont remove cap of the lighter so it will not deform and not fit..)


The cap is now finished and its time for the rubber band i cut a 5mm band and put it in place then glued it on on the top of the cap only using... yes Araldite (2layers for strenght)


leave to dry


I then used a sharp knive (yes my new bahco knife :-)  ) to make a nice edge on the cap and applied a couple of drops of superglue on this edge for extra security so the tape wont seperate from the araldite when sliding it onto the lighter.



the test 5min in water


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Cool idea, great little trick


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