Hi all


Terry here


i have a water purification system filter water bottle from wed-tex they do 1600 litres per filter

( 12 glasses a day for a year )


it removes

chemicals pesticides purification chemicals  waterborne disease giardia E-coli viral disease causes and anthrax herbicides and more


and the weighs the same as a normal bottle



how do you all filter water?  





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I either don't bother to filter.. Depending on location and the state of the water. Or I use a Milbank bag and boil the filtered water afterwards....


Hi John

thats a great idea, i think im going to buy me a milbank bag myself

cheers for the tip

Hi Terry
I have a bottle with a 1 micron filter followed by a carbon filter then through iodine. You have to squeeze the bottle and suck like heck to get the water through which does stop me guzzling it down. I usually take (and use)it in and around farming areas which are higher risk than in the bush. In the bush I usually walk downstream for a couple of hundred metres, or a long rapid or at least 3 bends in a stream checking for any contaminants and then find a slow moving or still eddy and fill my dring bottle just under the surface. Giardia is heave and sinks to the bottom in very slow moving water. I have never had the misfortune to catch anything yet although I have been out with others who have. On two occasions where the water was suspect and I the trip was many days, I had a boil up first. I would have to add that I live in Gisborne and our back country is pretty isolated and not pressed hard by trampers or hunters.


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