I am a 57 y/o man from the middle of the US. I got interested in bushcraft as a young Boy Scout many years ago and have spent a lot of time in the wild places practicing and learning the skills of the woodsman. As a young man, in military service and out, I took survival courses, plant identification classes, and general nature classes to learn all I could. I figure in another 800 years I'll have learned it all. I've travelled the world and always took every opportunity to gain as much knowledge of the local flora and fauna and the ways of the native people as I was able. Never been to NZ, but I have been to Australia (Loved it!) Korea, Vietnam, and various pacific islands. Christmas in the summertime was quite an experience for me, having known only ice and snow at that time of year. Circumstances prevent me from coming to your beautiful land and exploring your natural environment, but I hope to learn here how you do things in your world and perhaps, every now and then, contribute in a useful manner some of the things I've learned over a lifetime. 

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Thanks for sharing! Yes I remember my first white Christmas in London when I was younger.....freezing but what an adventure. I was used to BBQs and the beach at Christmas!



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