Alternative clothing to layer system.

i have used this clothing for many years and its extremely good. its suited well for winter. i used this kit in the army and still use it now. pricey but worth the money.  i have a special 6 shirt with the hood. i only wear this on top, no t-shirt or thermals underneath.


i have just ordered some new buffalo stuff from dealt with these guys before, real good guys

i really swear by this stuff and have tested it well in some harsh environments.


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Hi Steve... I followed your links and this looks like great gear. Do you find you get too hot in the special 6 shirt? I am wondering that if you can wear it in harsh conditions then do you have to take it off and get something lighter out of your pack as the day warm up or conditions change?

Hi john
I use this shirt up in the mountains. Usually in the snow. If you gets to hot i open the side zips. You soon cool down.

I agree! And recommend them too! The buffalo system is great for cold weather. They also make a lighter weight version for warmer weather, as do Rab now. After 10 - 15 years wear they do tend to get a little thin like any fleece, but I still love mine - great for cool weather, more than shower proof if you're moving and windproof. I've even used mine, kayaking, canoeing and rafting as you warm up and they dry real quick if you're moving. 

They tested the concept originally by jumping in a mountain lake in hte winter then moving downhill at a brisk space. The wearer was warm within ten minutes!

I use the trousers as emergency winter trousers, as I can get them on over plastic boots too!


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