Hello everyone,

I've been meaning to make a billycan for a while, but I read that there's a plastic lining on the inside of a lot of tin cans, especially the ones that contained acidic food, like tomatoes. Does anyone know of any cans that don't have this lining? Or, alternatively, is there a way to remove this lining?

                                                                                                                         Thanks, Jelena.

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Gidday I have used a golden syrup tin before not sure if they have a lining or not.

Thanks for your replies, I'll try them out.

As kids we used a big old peach tin, never had any problems with taste or side effects that I know of.

Unfortunately, it's one of those things you probably wouldn't know of any side effects until years later. My father is now suffering from the side affects of years working with paint solvents as part of his work, and he wasn't even doing the painting or using them much!
I've used billy cans for a few years. If you heat the tin hot enough it burns the lacquer lining off, and thereby removes your problem. Do beware of the fumes when you do this though - do it outdoors.
Milo tins are good but have a lip, and seem to rust more readily if not cleaned properly. Unlined ones work well. On all of them I tend to heat them really hot before using them.

Thanks for the tips guys. I have been wondering about this myself. I have just bought a stainless steel large opening water bottle and it fits perfectly inside a short and wide Pineapple tin or a large Lychee tin, both from New World. Now I know how to make the tin safe for cooking and drinking. Thanks again. If interested; try Bivouac Outdoors on Queen St, Auckland. They currently have the SS bottles (which you should be able to boil water in) for $14.50. 

i dont know for certain, but it seems to me you could bake it off, let it get red hot and then douse and scrub... 


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