It's easy to argue/discuss knives, tents etc, but I'm interested in the small details people bring to their personal equipment for an outing. A mate of mine advocates a dozen big fencing staples and a straightened out then coiled up wire coat hanger in a plastic bread bag in the bottom of his pack.

Another likes breaking old metal halide flood lights for their ceramic filament stands, says they make good sharpeners for pocket knives etc. Never tried that one, just waiting to find the right bulb. The bottom of a china plate or coffee cup works pretty good tho, that I do know. The top edge of a car window will do in a pinch too, but you seldom have one of those while you're out in the sticks.

Mine is a small roll of duct tape and a cheap plastic Frisbee. The duct tape is self explanatory (and a major component of my 1st aid kit)  but the $3 frisbee is also useful. You can eat off it, use it for a chopping board that chopped stuff cant roll off, dig sand,snow or mud, a flat surface if you are working on something fiddly with small parts, sit a tea light candle on it, clobber mozzies in your tent without damaging it and, in cases of extreme boredom, throw it.

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Love the frisbee idea!

I carry a 2m length of thin guage wire wrapped around something in my kit. Negligable space and weight but boy does it come in handy! Binding the top of a campfire cooking tripod, and hanging the pot from the wire for one. Also good for snares, tying pine resin candles, etc.

I like to wear the big fluffy thermal socks, and at night hang one in the stream with some leftover dinner in the toe tied in a little ball. In the morning there is often an eel stuck on it as their jagged teeth face inwards and get caught on the fluffy sock fibres! Saw this on on an episode of Dual Survival when Cody and Dave came to NZ.

Love the frisbiee idea... Mine is a stainless steel plate. it doubles as a frying pan, you can dig with it at a pinch, I often use it behind my cooker for wind protection and behind a candle/light to reflect the light. I have a wide, low billy that I often use the lid for the same purpose.

The tape and copper binding wire come in handy too.

I often have a couple of white opaque plastic bag in my pack... blow it up and poke your torch just into the end and you will be amazed how good a diffuser it makes in a hut or tent. Doesn't work well outside unless you are close. Try it in your lounge at home in a power cut. Two bags put over your socks can make walking with blisters bearable for someone in your group (bread bags work too.)


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