A 3 part mini series where Ray uses his unique skills and extensive wildlife knowledge to follow the leopard in Namibia, the bear in British Columbia and the wolf in Central Idaho. By reading the clues animals leave behind, he offers viewers the opportunity to gain a rich insight into their habits and lifestyles as
he follows them at remarkably close quarters in their natural habitats.

I really enjoyed these, they are half bushcraft, half documentary on the animal. Even people who aren't into bushcraft seem to love these

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Ray seems a really nice guy, and is sooooo knowledgeable. I am not sure if there is a link in your message Ryan and I can not see it with firefox, but here is a youtube user who has lots of the Ray Mears episodes:


Thanks for the link. Some members download episodes via torrents but they can be shared here for copyright reasons unfortunately. Youtube links are fine though!

Elrond, one of our members, has been lucky enough to meet Ray. Wouldn't it be great to build up a big enough NZ bushcraft community to get him over here? A workshop with him would be AMAZING.


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