Hi all, I have heard recently of the use of supplejack as a tinder. It seems to me like the tougher, dried parts of the plant can be pounded to produce a mass of fibres that light well when dry with a friction ember. Has anyone used this tinder before, does anyone know how to prepare it?

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Have not heard this before will try some tomorrow, if I remember. Does it need to be dried or do you think hanging vines may be ok? I found fatwood to be really good, if you can get your hands on some. If you can't I can send you some.
Hi Scott, I believe it does need to be the dry sections of the vine. I had though I would try the woody ends of broken and/or dead vines rather than cutting something alive at first, there are plenty around like this usually. I'll be interested to see how you get on if you do remember, keep me posted! Thanks, Martin.

Hey Scott where do you get fatwood and what does it look like, I don't think I have heard of it before. Any info about it would be very welcome. Thanks in advance,


Hi Joe thanks for the information, I should have known what it is as I live not to far from the Blue Mountains in Otago but have done most of my hunting in native bush. Thanks again Joe this is what makes this forum a great one. I hope I am able to help others on here as well.

Hi Ryan , wow thats a fast reply, thanks a heap.

Fatwood is pine that has a massive amount of pine resin in it, I have found the best supply to be rotting pine stumps. If you go into a pine forest that has been maintained go and kick the stumps, if you find a stump that is rotten with a hard section in it, this will be fatwood. When they cut down the tree, it tries to repair itself and then this resin settles in the stump and will not rot. When you cut it, it will stink of resin and have a glassy look, you can get really big veins of it. And it is very flammable, and burns when the rest of the forest is wet.

Hi Martin, tried with hanging dry vine, I found it no good for taking a spark from firesteel, but went up like a rocket with a lighter. Thought maybe the bark may work, but once again no good with a firesteel and I did not try a lighter. Others may have better luck than me.
Great, thanks for letting me know Scott! I will be heading bush next Friday for the weekend so will give it a try then and keep you posted...
Hi Scott, I've found some time to have a go and can say it does work! The dead but dry twining stems of supplejack can be pounded to get a dry, fibrous material that goes up like a treat. I took a photo today of some supplejack that I collected from the bush at the back of our house, this time green rather than dead, and have managed to pound out the fibres to the same effect (these would have to be dried to be used as tinder, but they are still very strong so might work as a cordage).

Did you use a firesteel, lighter or matches etc?
Hi, a friction ember for this one, I'm sure it will take with a match or would work well also as a small kindling for getting a fire going once started by a different means.


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