Some of you may remember that we held a Bushcraft NZ meet about a year ago over at Kaniwhainwha on Pirongia... The Waikato times were good enough to feature our meet and we had a goos turn out...

Folk came along for the weekend which ran from Saturday AM till Sunday lunch time IIRC...

Anyhow I thought it might be a nice idea to run a similiar weekend.. Either at Pirongia again or another venue...

Perhaps folks could reply below an let's see if we could get. Meet sorted out.



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Hi Josh,

What MSC branch are you doing your bush courses with??

I'm sure we can sort out a date at some point.

I'll leave this thread active for a wee while and we'll see if there is any further interest..



Like myself.


Josh can write, I can take photo's... ;)


Same date restraints as Josh.

I am a very keen novice.  I think getting and creating a space to catch up and get into a bit of experience and knowledge transfer




Pariri ma

I would be interested, but would prefer if the meet was in Auckland (Hunua or Waitakere) Whatipu etc

Cheers P

As long as I'm not working that weekend, I'm in. Will look out for updates and information! Booyah!
Hi all,

Thanks for the feed back.

It does't have to be the Waikato it could be up in the waitaks or Hunuas someone would need to sort out where we were going and the venue would need to be suitable. Ie we could camp there there is water and hopefully a supply of fire wood and no issue with having a fire etc....

Likewise if someone has access + permission to some private land with all of the above then that would be fine also.

I mentioned Kaniwhaniwha as we've visited the venue before. It's not overly onerous to access and it has all of the desired attributes for a meet (well perhaps the firewood is a bit thin on the ground)

Any thoughts?

I might be able to go, depends on what I have penciled in.

But I am interested.

Sounds great. Let us know what weekend, and you can count me and Callum in. Might even get Callums smaller brother Ethan to tag a long. Callum's been bugging me to take him bush for ages, and usually I do long hard tramps into the thick of it, which is really beyond a 7 years old, and certainly beyond a 5 year old.


He still talks about the last Pirongia trip. Somewhere different would be cool.






p.s. You going to bring the twins this time? Karen says to say hi to Megan.

do we have enough members in the south island, preferably canterbury area to run one down here?
Sorry Vince I wrote a reply to you it is under my name down lower.
Hi Shane,

Good to hear from you...

It's nice to hear that Callum is still talking about the last trip...

I might bring the twins along next time.. As for venue I'm happy wherever it is...



Great. Well count Callum and me in, and I'll decide on the day about master Ethan ( 5 year old). Callum's fitness is greatly improved on last time, so a long walk in will be no problems.


I've got all the Topo maps for New Zealand on DVD, along with all the camps sites and tracks, if that helps, and a good GPS unit to find them if we get lost.


Weather, good or bad, doesn't worry me.


School holidays coming up, so that maybe a good opportunity, and the girls can stay home and look after the babies.


Best start earning brownie points now.






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