Some of you may remember that we held a Bushcraft NZ meet about a year ago over at Kaniwhainwha on Pirongia... The Waikato times were good enough to feature our meet and we had a goos turn out...

Folk came along for the weekend which ran from Saturday AM till Sunday lunch time IIRC...

Anyhow I thought it might be a nice idea to run a similiar weekend.. Either at Pirongia again or another venue...

Perhaps folks could reply below an let's see if we could get. Meet sorted out.



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Hi guys. I am keen to join in as well. Let me know what date you think will work. Hope I can make it.



What are the dates and times for this meet?  out west seems great idea.
How many days would this be?

Firstly. Couple of things..

I'm sorry it's taken me a while to Revert on this work for me has been manic for the last week or so.

Also thanks to everyone who has responded.

Ok to answer a few questions..

The idea for the meet would be to meet on a Saturday Am and then spend Saturday night out and then look to finish up some time on Sunday..the last meet we held I think we met at about 09:00 on Saturday am and we finished at some point after lunch on Sunday...

If folk wanted to start earlier say friday evening then that would be possible...

Ok venue.. I'm happy to head up Auckland way if the majority of folk are happy with that as an area.

perhaps someone could offer up idea for a venue we have had one so far more ideas welcome.
Once we get a venue sorted out then we can set a date...

On the venue.. Ideally it needs a fresh water supply... Areas to camp...be ok to set up a camp fire and have a supply of dead wood we can use and not be overly far to walk in.

Ok if someone has ideas on venue pleas post em up or drop me a PM directly.



Hey there,


Im really interested in coming along for this. I definitely think the Waitakeres/West Auckland is the best idea.

Maybe somewhere around Woodhill Forest/Murwai beach area. Im pretty sure there is a campsite area near the golf course on Muriwai (which backs into the forest).


Walking south from Karekare beach for an hour, maybe two if the scenery holds you captive, there is stunning valley but im not sure about fires etc (last summer there were plenty of left-overs from fires...). There is a campsite area which is right by a decent size stream (with plenty of eel) and a small hut on site. Please excuse my spelling but i think its called Paharaha.


Ill ask around some friends and see if they have any suggestions.





Hey everyone,


I worked as a ranger for ARC in the Western Sector a few years back so I have a little bit of knowledge of the area. Lighting fires may be an issue as there tends to generally be fire bans in the parks during the warmer months but it could be possible to work something out if you explain what you guys are doing. 


My first choice would be Pae o te Rangi Campground in Cascades Park on the road out to Bethels. It's a working farm bordered by extensive bushland. Jason, the ranger there (ex Kiwis league player) has a huge amount of knowledge and has played a large part in helping to set up a Maori medicine garden close to the camp ground. It's been a few years since I've been there but they have a range of things growing all with many uses.







Hi Vince, I have tried twice to organise a meet in Canterbury. First was cancelled due to the earth moving, the 2nd to lack of interest I had one fella rsvp to say he would be there. Maybe this was due to me trying to have a meet and greet at home so we could get to know everyone first. Do you think a Meeting in the bush is a better way to go? I am keen as to meet up with other Cantabrians to have a meet, But not really sure where to run one outdoors, the meet and greet was supposed to be a brainstorm to get everyones ideas and suggestions for things to do and places to go.

I have permission in some forestry I have been trapping to take in some Bushcrafters, but only 2 or 3 extra people. May be able to get permission for more though. The only thing I see as a problem could be that it is only Pine Forest, but through research it would seem that pine forests have more things available than I thought.

Join the Christchurch group, and also send me a message at some stage and I will send you my cell no etc, and even if we can not get a meet going at least we may be able to get together and go out.



I'm definatly keen to come along amd have been ever since I heard of the last meet. Unfortunatly dates are a big thing for me too, I'm pretty much flat out till the end of the rugby world cup as I'm working as a camera man. I'll be following this thread closely and I really look forward to having the chance to meet some of you and the opportunity to soak up a lot of knowledge.

I may not be able to make this meeting, but I will try to swap days/shifts with the lads and see what happens. Will keep you all updated.

Hey I just found this site, I'm super keen to come along and join in on this weekend. I'll be back up in Auckland from November onwards. I'm mad keen on making stuff out of the woods, would be keen to teach fire drill and fire lighting etc and whatever other knowledge I can share/gain. Kare Kare is where I started learning all this biz, its a beautiful location with lots of bushcraft resources.

Not sure about fresh water supply but if everyone just lugs in a few litres each there will be plenty for all. Fire ban there but everyone lights fires anyway, I reckon if you just explain what going on they should be sweet...that maori medicine farm sounds cool too, would be keen to check that out!


Just letting you two know that this meet up was for last year, don't know if one has been planned for this year

<gulp> just saw the date! I reckon it'd be cool to make it happen again this November, sort  of a knowledge/skills sharing kind of thing?


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