Stephen Coote has written a great post on these. I like that when empty they pack flat so they can be carried as a spare as well, as a light day pack for example.

Who has used these? What were they good for?

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Man I grew up with the old pikau pack, we used an old 25kg Salt sack, a couple of stones and some 10mm rope I spliced up especially for it.

They held lunch, a swandri and a dozen possum skins and traps easy.

And it's already been said, the best thing about pikau's is their compactness.

I use a Ridgeline Pikau for (mainly) fishing. It holds everything I need for a day on the river and is quite comfortable if packed right. The trick is to make a pad of your raincoat/jersey/ground sheet and put that against your back. Mine came with a sqeeze slider to lock the neck rope off, but that quickly proved ineffective (junk on the ground!:-P), now I pull it tight and tie a slip loop next to it to stop it sliding open. So far so good. Once when my ride was late and I decided to leg it, I managed to get hip waders in as well as the rest of my day junk. I had to tie a loop of cord from bottom to top to hold it all together so I could tie the neck up, but it worked!

Only thing I would change would be to make the bottom more sturdy, a layer of canvas inside to form a shallow 'bin' would be perfect. It would be an interesting and useful project to build.

For a bigger one, a cut down grain sack and some old car seat belts work a treat:-)


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