Hello everyone! :)

My name is Oscar and I'm from Sweden. I'm coming to New Zealand in october!! :D

My plan is to tramp my way through Te Araroa with only a tent and a sleeping bag. Well, I've got some other stuff with me aswell, but I won't take in to any hotels and such.

Beacause I don't really know alot about the nature of New Zealand I figured it would be a good idea to come here and learn.

I really like the idea of living of the natures resources but I don't know anything about the edible plants and if I'm alowed to fish the same way we do in Sweden. I guess hunting of any kind is out of question because I don't have a hunting license.

I'll gladly take all advice you guys can give me, so that I can make my way through you beautiful country in one piece. :)

Best regards


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Hey Oscar. Welcome to the site mate.

A friend I met from Iceland recently did the same as you. He traveled around NZ and did a lot of time in the bush. He brought his bow with him for hunting. He is a member of this site so may be worth contacting (Gudni Svavarsson).

Plant books by Andrew Crowe are very good. He has a variety of books that can be purchased online.

NZ has deer, wild pig and goat in various areas. I am not sure what is in the area you are going to. 

A good Youtube Channel for outdoors NZ is Josh James Kiwi Bushman. 

Hope this helps mate.


Hello Dave!

Oh, cool! I will definetly talk to him.

I am going to check out those books and that youtube person, thanks alot for the tips!

I'll also read as much possible written on this forum so I hope to learn more from that aswell.

Thank you for your reply!

Hi there! Welcome from Brazil.

I'm also going to NZ in a couple months so I can't help you very much right now. As soon as I get there I'll provide you some tips and infos. 

Looks like you'll have an amazing jouney. I hope I can do the same as you in the future.

Best regards


Hello and thanks!

That is awesome! Maybe well bump into each other sometime on our travels?

I actually know a guy from Brazil and are planning to travel there after I'm done tramping in NZ.

I think so aswell! And I hope you do!

What is it you are going to do in NZ?

Thanks for your reply, Vinícius!



I hope we do. It's always nice to share some bush info with fellows from other countries. There's always a lot to learn. 

At first I'll take english classes for a couple months to improve my english and then I'm applying for a web development course at a college. But I'm not sure if i'll apply in Auckland or Wellington. 

The only one thing that I'm sure is that I'll be reaching the bushes whenever I can. 

What a cool idea. I hope you come to meet my country. There are lots of amazing places to practice bushcraft and other outdoors activities. Let's see if we can meet there and here as well.

Do you have a YT channel?

Best regards



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