Anyone else read this yet?  I bought a copy a couple of weeks back and have just finished reading it.  It's nice getting a little more background on a legendary bushman.

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Not the book, but he has some good programs on discovery/natgeo etc. 

Yeah, he tends to be more of the bushcraft and historical context rather than the jump of a cliff and climb into an antelope carcase kind of guy.  I find him much more peaceful to watch than Bear Grills or Dual Survival etc.  Ray Mears is an encyclopaedia of bushcraft. 

Yeah, I don't want to see a dude tear a snakes head off for the camera when his crew has a bag full of club sandwiches and ice tea in the cooler.

There was another guy other than Mears who was alright too. I think they were set in Alaska somewhere, it was more along the lines of the Mears than Grylls etc.

Would that be Survivor Man, Les Stroud? I think he is from Canada. I have one of his DVDs, it is quite good. Not bushcraft but survival. 

Yeah I think that's him. Yeah, more survival, but its not a bad watch.


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