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I was wondering what type of Machetes are use in the wilds of N.Z.? Here in the States we have cheap brands and are not well made. I know that Machetes are used frequently in other countrys. If you walk into any hardward stores here all we have are the Seymour Brands. I think they are to heavy. Any information on this subject will be appreiciated.



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Mate, here in NZ they don't sell Machete's in hardware stores and the ones that I normally come across all seem to be of bad quality. But at a Sunday market I came across this stall that sells machetes for $15 that are made in Brazil by a company called Tramontina. I've bought one and used it many times and I can tell you it's excellent considering it's price. It's shape looks like a Latin machete (the front of the blade is somewhat swept back) and is 14inches long. The machete has a full tang and it's wooden handle (that is rounded at the edges) is securely riveted on. The blade it self is quite thin, just shy of 2mm, and the steel very soft. The machete is light, so it's not good cutting wood (and because it has a soft steel it loses it's edge quickly), it's more for cutting vines and small vegetation. This is probably because these machetes are made for plantation workers.

Well the machete I use is a Svord Golok, not your everyday type of machete but after using them it's hard to go back to a long springy blade unless you are chopping grass-and I use the masport for that!


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