Hi being from a crouded little european country where one most definetly is not allowed to camp in a forest anywhere, I am trying to work out what the deal is here in NZ.


E.G.  Can I just walk into the waitakere ranges get of the track and do my thing or is that illegal?

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Hi Talbert,

Generally if you are out in the DOC estate you can get off track and do 'your thing'. You need to take notice of any specific equirements DOC might impose on an area such as a fire ban at some times in the year or they might be doing some form of conservation work in a specific area. A quick call to the local area office can give you all the information you need.

On private land you will need the landowners permission to acess the land and do 'your thing'.


Thanks, good to clear that one up
Another question I have is about fish and game licenses.

I find their website incredibly unclear.

But from what my brains could gather: You can fish (unprotected) salt water fish like snapper and gurnards etc without a licence??? all you want any time any day as long as you stay under the legal amount allowed to take and only take the specified size. ( and not in marine reserves...)
But for sweet water fish like trout salmon etc you need a license?? Can someone clarify please

What about hunting If you would use a bow and arrow surely you wont need a gun license?
For any river/still water fishing you need a license. Fish and game undertake a lot of work to look after a lot of the rivers/lakes/streams and an amout of that money goes on re-stocking of trout. It isn't like back in England where you bought a license and then joined a club and then paid for the privalige to fish a small section of water. Here it is all game on really. If you ahve to cross private land, seek permission. You will rarely get turned down.

The only area you have to pay a bit more is the Taupo fishing area.

Up here in Ngaruawahia I fish loads of local streams and now in the winter I fish the Waikato for Brown Trout. They taste darn good to.


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