anyone have a source for veg tanned leather?

looking to make a couple of possibles pouches and journal cover.

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Sorry I cant be of more help, I am currently on the lookout for some myself. I'm sure many of us are in the same boat so I will ask around.

I suggest you post a wanted add in the listings too (under the marketplace tab)
Sorry but what is veg tanned?

I've used leather from an old builders aprin to make a sheath for my knive.
have found a source in Christchurch, but the are charging like a wounded ball. And they only sell whole or half hides which is way more than I need.
might setup a group buy if others are in the same boat.
but only once I have found decent prices.
Thats a great plan. Hopefully a future member will be able to provide a more economic source. I have tried looking for places online but they are over the top, mostly targeted at the upholstery market it looks like.

Keep us in the loop if you don't mind
might have found a source for leather at reasonable cost.
watch this space
Great news! I'll wait with bated breath...


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