Well I must say it looks to be of very good quality.

It consists of a plastic case, 5 stones (Extra coarse, coarse, medium, fine, extra fine), 5 guide rods, knife clamp, hone oil, spare screws and instructions.

The case (the Leatherman is 4 inches long):

How it all packs inside:

The stones, from extra fine at the front to extra coarse at the back:

How the stones attach to the guide rod:

The spare screws:

Clear instructions:

A guide to the sort of angle you should have for the knifes intended use:

The clamp and stone with different knives, the clamp is adjustable for the blade angle, and holds the knives firmly:

All up, I am pleased with it, I found I only needed the extra coarse on one blade so far to set the edge properly, on most of the knives I sharpened (and I sharpened every knife in the house! :D: New toys are great), I found the medium was the roughest I needed.

The honing oil was great, and should last ages as a drop was all I needed on each stone.

The extra fine stone is just  like it says, extremely fine, polishing the edge to a razor point.

I like how there is a guide rod for each stone, saves mucking around changing it to the next stone.

There is a limit to the size of the knife you can sharpen with the guide, but the stones can be used on their own like a file.

So in summary, this is a great bit of kit that is well packaged, good quality and easy to use.

No excuses for a blunt knife in the house now.

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After using this kit for a few years now I have found it to last well and is still very useful.

The knives only need to be set with this every few months, the rest of the time my Falkniven DC4 Diamond/Ceramic stone is all thats needed to keep the edge in good condition.

Looks like a great way to get a really precise angle which it one of the hardest parts, its very easy to end up with a compound grind otherwise. Very informative cheers for that!

I've added a link to this post in the Knifes and Knifesmithing group

"bushcraft on fire" (YouTube channel) has the same kit but he said its no good for thick blades because you can't fit it in the holder to he made a modification and brought a longer bolt so you could spread it wider.

Never had a problem with that but what he did sounds like a simple way to do it.

This sounds really great, especially the guide rods, because I tend to have trouble getting my angles right.


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