Good morning everybody,

Since I am moving to new zealand i need to look at what knives i can take with me. Ik have my standard  BC (custom made, based on a ray mears knive),  2 victorinox, leatherman and opinel but also a maxpedition  ferox.

I am not sure if the maxpedition is legal in NZ, the reason i think so is that the law states "

  • Any knife having a blade that opens automatically by hand pressure applied to a button, spring, or other device in or attached to the handle of the knife (sometimes known as a flick knife or flick gun)."

The maxpedition doesn't have a release button in the handle but a thumb-stud sticking out of the handle when it is closed, a quick flick and you open the blade (one handed)

This leads me to believe this blade is illegal, am i correct? 



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I'm no expert and have not looked at our laws with great detail but I do believe that spring-loaded knives are illegal over here. Your maxpedition knife with the thumb stud appears similar to a folder that I have. I can also open it with a quick flick, one-handed. You should be fine I think, but please don't just take my word for it, ask around and get other opinions. Best of luck.


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