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I'm Tom from Napier, I'm newb as to this group and I just scored a second hand swanny Bushshirt from the opshop (STOKED!!!!) only it has a few holes in places... so my question is has anyone had any luck in mending holes in their swannys?? If so How did you do it?? Just a woollen patch?? or some other magic?? Help me Obi Won Kenobi...

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Welcome to the forum Thomas!

I have had no experience with mending holes but you might find this helpful.


Good luck

Thanks for that Zebedy and much appreciated for the welcome!! Looking forward to being part of this group!!
Hey mate I just sewed mine up but if hole is bad just find something and then use that as a patch!

Cheers for the reply... there was quite a lot of small-ish holes and smallish tears so I ended up sewing them up with a needle and thread. worked a treat!! Cheers for the replies team!! Much appreciated.


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