I need a new rifle.   I have access to the old Lee-Enfield .303s that I've used for years, and more recently I've been using a Lee-Enfield that has been converted to fire the 7.62 x 39 cartridge.  These certainly do the business, but I have a hankering for a gun that has a moderator fitted, and which I'd feel confident using for dropping a deer at 200 yards.

I'd like a rifle that uses common, readily available ammo.  Not something strange, expensive and rare.  So I'm leaning toward either a .223 or a .308

A stainless steel version would be nice.

I've been looking at Tikka, Savage, Mossberg Maverick, Rossi and Baikal.   A single shot would be adequate, although I think I'd rather have a bolt action repeater.

I don't know much about Rossi, although they do seem to get mixed reviews.  The single shot 'Pomba' can be bought for under $400 new, and I would be mighty tempted to buy one to get me going.   But perhaps I should save longer to get something a bit more elaborate.  I certainly want a good moderator, and a reliable telescopic sight.

I'd be interested to hear comments from anyone who knows anything about Rossi rifles (made in Brazil I think).

While I was researching the topic, I came across this really good NZ website.  It is a new site, but the information there is very useful and interesting.  The guy that runs it has a very forthright manner, but he is really helpful and heckuva knowledgable.  Here is the link:


So I'm looking out for suitable second-hand rifles already fitted with a moderator.

If you have any comments or ideas, I'd love to read them.

Best wishes from Nelson...   Stephen Coote

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Dang.  I'll bet you showed those hares who's boss.  Very nice.


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