My Grandfathers knife, i don't know much about it although every time i asked him i got a new and exciting story. I have had it a while and curious on it's history :)

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Hey Esta welcome to BCNZ!

I don't know what kind of knife it is sorry.

It looks pretty beat up how long did he have it for?

Hi Esta, welcome to the site.

Cool knife. I would guess that it was made in Nepal by the same people that make the kukri which is an agricultural knife and weapon used by the Nepalese. The kukri is also carried by the Gurkha soldiers of Nepal. Even though yours has a different design it could quite possibly be a ceremonial knife or weapon or a general purpose tool.

Your knife seems to have a very similar sheath design and construction to the Kukri sheath. The kukri sheath is wood and covered by a thin leather which is sewn along the back of the sheath. They have a metal cap at the point of the sheath. Sometimes the sheath has designs on it.

The inlays on your handle also look similar to the kukri handle as well. If you google "traditional gurkha kukri" then go to IMAGES you will see some examples.

Hope this is of some help.


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