Hi folks,
found this site thru hunting n fishing forum.

Been heavily into bushcraft in the UK for many years.
came to NZ a year ago and am looking forward to learning new things about new species and my new environment.

Keen open canoeist, fisher, new hunter.
enjoy hand carving basic wooden objects and exploring the natural surroundings.

looking forward to learning and sharing with you all.

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Hi Elrond nice to meet you! Its great to have another person from the UK on board, bushcraft is strong over there and a long term goal is to build the same kind of community here in NZ. We definitely have the right surroundings, no shortage of bush here!

What does the term open canoe refer to? As opposed to a kayak? I would love to make a canoe from scratch one day.

I also love whittling, I have a rimu blank for a spoon ready to got for this weekends overnighter. If you need some nice wood for any projects check out this sites listings (under the marketplace tab) I have a few blocks I could send you, count it as a welcoming gift!
Thanks for the welcome Ryan.

Absolutely right, but the flora and fauna is all very new to me, so a steep learning curve.
An open or Canadian canoe is a traditional vessel used by a lot of native american tribes, in actual fact very similar in design and concept to boats used by many indigenous cultures such as the NZ maori.

this forum will give you a better idea of what i am on about.

Thank you for your kind offer, I will take a look at your listings.
do you have any sources for leather working tools & supplies?
i am looking to get into this a little bit and its a bit pricey to import from the uk.
We have two books I think will help you in our brand new BushcraftNZ Library that might help you identify a few plants that are very handy for us to know about. Join the library through the Groups tab and we will go from there, I can have them out to you tomorrow


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