Hi everyone,

here's my first slingshot, made by me and a friend. 

I found the fork, my friend de-barked and sanded it, then I attached the rubbers and pouch using dental floss and rubber bands. 

Joe, I ended up using a motorcycle innertube for the rubbers. However, when these wear through, I'll probably have to buy some.

I'm not sure if I'll leave it as it is, or fancy it up a bit. I'm considering putting some wood oil on it, maybe making a hand grip out of jute. I do like the simple 'rustic' look, though. 

Sorry for the rubbish photo.


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nice job. Do you know what wood it is ? I have made a couple of them myself , great fun ! Heres a link (http://slingshotforum.com/) that is filled with heaps of enthusiasts. check in the homemade section for some magnificent sling shots , ill try post a few pictures of some i've been working on lately when i find my camera :)

Thanks, edward. I think the wood is maple. I hope you find your camera, seeing some of yours would be great!

the two on the left are my first attempts of oak and the one on the right is cut out of a  piece plywood and im waiting on my files and drill bit to arrive so i can have a finger hole in it.

Those look cool! Can I ask what bands you use? 

For the past couple of days I've been shooting my slingshot with no problems, but now I keep hitting my right fork. I've tried adjusting my technique different ways, but there's no improvement. Any advice?

i use the plum ( extra heavy ) bands. I have heard of quite a few people who get fork hits but ive never had them before myself but ill ask one of my friends who has had them before and see what he did. Another tip for you if you want your slingshot to shoot faster is to taper the bands at the pouch end. Also if you get bands like the ones i use double them up. hope this helps and ill try get back to you on the fork hits problem.(http://www.trademe.co.nz/sports/exercise-equipment-weights/yoga-pil...)

okay so i just read that it is either because one of your bands is shorter/more powerful than the other which is causing it to  drift off to one side. The other explanation is that your not putting the rock , marble , lead or steel shot in the center of the pouch and is making it fly off center. Try also twisting the pouch on an angle slightly when you shoot. ive heard that some short forked slingshots need to be shot like this.

How exactly do you twist the pouch? Thanks.

Nevermind the last question, I looked it up and it solved all my fork-hitting problems! I just twist the pouch and tiny bit and it flies straight-most of the time. Sometimes they fly to the sides a bit, but they never hit the forks. Thanks Edward!

Still can't decide between oiling it or not. Opinions?

i dont know about applying a finish. Try get a straight stick of maple and oil it to see how it turns out first , then you can see how you think it will look.

I eventually decided to try oiling it, just to give it more protection. I put on 6-7 coats of Penetrol wood oil. It darkened it and made it very smooth, but I was hoping for a slightly shiny finish. I tried waxing it and that worked better, so I put on a couple of coats. The handle was especially shiny and smooth, so I made a grip for it out of jute twine.

I was having problems with my accuracy, so after a bit of research I made my pouch a bit smaller, going from 8 cm horizontally and 4.5 cm vertically to 8 cm and 2.8 cm. 

Overall, I'm quite pleased with it. Thanks for your help Edward!


The pouch twist is particularly effective in deterring fork hits with narrow forks.


Thanks Mr.J for the video. I don't know why twisting the pouch works, but it does.

I've sort of changed my slingshot a bit. The jute grip kept loosening, and it was a bit to big for me.



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