There are tons of videos on Youtube and all sorts of info all over the internet about firepistons


Has anyone on here ever made one? I definetly will give it a try one day made from wood only.


I like diesel engines too  :D

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I've been doing some research and found these video of a native Semelai making a firepiston using the most basic tools. This is definitely something I want to have a go at, although I will probably cheat and use a drill!

Firepiston construction by a native Semelai. Part 1 of 2

Firepiston construction by a native Semelai. Part 2 of 2
yeah thats one of the videos i saw before it is verry good.
Yeah it wood be a good weekend project to do at home and use some cheats.
But You should be able to then have crafted a piece of tool thats verry usefull and might last a while
Definitely would be a great piece of kit. Do you know whether it would light a slightly damp tinder or is that asking too much?

Keep us updated if you have a go at it and take plenty of photos during the process!

Yeah I wouldnt mind making one some day too..But does anyone know of anyone selling these in NZ??  I really just wanna buy one and start using it.


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