Emergency food 1 day ration packs purpose designed for survival situations and produced by a specialist Survival food manufacturer in the USA. This product is called Mainstay 1200 and has a 5 year shelf life. (expiry Date is October 2017). It provides 1 day of emergency food rations for one person and contains all the nutrients required for survival. 
Enriched with vitamins and minerals exceeding the RDA requirements 
Pleasant lemon flavor. Contains no cholesterol or tropical oils. Kosher and it meets the dictates for Halal 
5 year shelf life. Withstands Temperatures of -40 F to 300 F (-40 C to 149 C) 
Exceeds U.S. Coast Guard & SOLAR standards. 

Ideal for hunters, trampers, or just to leave in your emergency food kit in case of disaster. These are great to leave in the bottom of a pack or in a sealed container in a bush cache for just in case. A lot of energy in a little pack.

$13 each plus postage.

Emergency Rations 1 day

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I've tried these they are like a compact lemon shortbread.


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