New series called 'Dual Survival', have been able to watch only one episode, Series one episode two and it is based in New Zealand, Glacier country.

Thought you all may like a heads up.

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Is this Dave Canterbury of "the pathfinder school"?
I thought he was american based- must look out for it.
Did you see it on-line?
Yes it is Dave Canterbury of The pathfinder School, only this episode was based in NZ, found it on a torrent site.
It is available for downloading from certian sites as well as they have a web page for the show as well.
Great series, really enjoyed this episode. Especially liked how he caught the MASSIVE eel using his sock! For those who haven't seen it, Cody mashed up huhu grubs and put it inside his sock on the end of a natural cordage line. Because the eels point inwards it went to bite the sock and its teeth got caught on the fibers. The eel huge!

I also like the first episode.
You can watch some episodes here:

Dave and Cody are good value, an interesting mix... ha ha.
An interesting mix is a polite way to put it, Have seen 4 episodes now, and if Dave Canterbury does not stop calling Cody Ludins stuff ' Bush Hippy Crap' he might get decked. It is a good combination of skills and humour, I am really liking it.
Cody seems to be on the back foot a lot, even in Ep 4 Desert Breakdown when he is supposed to be a desert expert. The greenhouse style shelter he made one of the previous episodes was awesome though!
Cody also eats anything he can get which is a good plan in my book, I loved how he found huhu grubs when they were in NZ
One person commented on youtube that Dave is just looking at the destination where Cody is in it for the journey. Dave seems almost as hiper at times as Bear Grills... ha ha, his army training is to get the job done. Where Cody is content to feeling the earth with his feet..... lol. Like Scott suggests if Cody wasn't so laid back he might have swung at Dave before now, and man those arms would be like tree trunks being thrown at ya, and yeah Cody does seem to be the follower, probably partly because Dave is always in such a rush. Dave would get you there fast, or maybe not at all... ha ha, where Cody would be such a cruise to tag along with. It's great we are all different.
Also Dave Canterbury has many other survival and bushcraft videos on his youtube channel; Wilderness Outfitters
He is already one of my favourite you tubers, along with Trapper jack survival.
Found it a really interesting show, the guys had some really good tips even if Dave was a bit gung ho for my tastes.
Dave is seriously gung ho, and he is going to rub Cody the wrong way soon. But when Cody is a desert specialist and Dave bested him at his own game, I think he may have the right to be. Cody is all about the journey, Dave is all about the destination.


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