If you could concisely define what bushcraft is all about to you in 50 words or less, what would you say?

It means different things to different people but this is me having a shot...

"Bushcraft is about the skills and knowledge that allow you to thrive in a raw natural environment. Time tested techniques, often passed down by aboriginal peoples, and simple yet robust tools that strive towards self-sufficiency. Bushcraft is about being resourceful and engaging in the natural world"

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Tim Smith from Jack Mountain Bushcraft says:

"There are several definitions of bushcraft floating around the web, none of which I agree with. The most common is the one used on the Wikipedia page that states that bushcraft is the long-term adaptation of survival skills. I disagree. Bushcraft goes way beyond survival skills.

Bushcraft is the active component of our interaction with nature. Both art and science, bushcraft is doing, making, crafting, traveling, building and living in the natural world using simple, low-tech tools. Static knowledge, such as how to care for tools, etc., is a small percentage of the discipline. The vast majority is active, dynamic and hands-on."
"The ability to make/craft tools and shelter, then use the tools to find and catch food and gather water.
All in such a way one could live in the wild after getting there in ones birtday suit."

There you go 38 words.

Hey, I'm new to this, so dont shoot me (with a crafted bow & arrow) if my definition is completly wrong :D
Haha nope you are safe! Sounds good to me
I will try in 2 different ways.

'adaptation, improvisation, preparation, realisation, co-habitation, naturalisation.'

only 6 words, wow.


Bushcraft is ' The art of living in comfort with what nature provides, through the use of minimum equipment and maximum knowledge '.
Very nice, reminds me of a quote from a Ray Mears episode where a lady from Samoa said how when you learn to use a fireplough you can carry fire "in your mind and in your muscles"
Bushcraft: Knowledge, skills and wisdom related to living successfully in natural surroundings.
By engaging in the act of bushcraft, we cast off the constraints that bind all of (hu)mankind, and accept concurrently the physical laws of nature and the psychological and physical attributes of the individual as the governing forces of oneself.

"Let us first be as simple and well as Nature ourselves" (Walden) - Thoreau.

Hi Ryan... 

Interesting discussion. My definition;

"The ability to enjoy the outdoors without the use or convenience of unmaintainable modern equipment or materials. The enjoyably part is important - all those little skills that make life enjoyable and pleasant make it easy to survive in comfort, Being one with the environment with minimal impact. And survival too!"

Wow 50 words...lol

Hard to describe but here goes in a basic philosophical way, no poet here,
To eat, breathe,maintain good health in a respectable manner towards the natural environment to gain a better understanding of one's place not only in the world but with raw rugged beautiful reality.

Might be a bit long.

Another that I have on my pendant that i take into the bush is " bushcraft is a journey of neverending discovery "

Food for thought but i thought i would add my pennies worth


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