What kit or cooking gear do you use?

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Hey Joe, just had a look at canteenshop.com, they sell two lids, which one did you get?

sweet setup!

I am doing things on the rangi at mo, want to get a cup canteen and that lid is an awesome idea, can't remember how many time I sat by my hexemine cooker waiting for the water to boil in my cup canteen. I am using a non stick frypan for most cooking, it's a deep sided one, and KFS from the kitchen, ones that don't match, heavy but!


I have had to start from scratch as I am only getting back into it after yeeeeeeeeears not hunting or camping.

Not very flush either so trying to make my own kit where possible and but when I see deals on stuff I can't make.


I had a Swedish army stove, same sort of idea as the Trangia, that was good apart from the fuel bottle was too small, it was ok to make a brew and cook some feed, but then you were out of meths. So a bigger bottle was needed, when I say had one it seems to have grown legs and walked off last seen at my Dads house.


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