Hey guys,

So currently my weather reading consists of watching the news, googling what the weather will be like or looking at the sky and seeing if there are any grey/dark clouds or if it looks fine.

Now these aren't exactly the most practical ways to read the weather- especially if your in a survival situation or something. I want to try gettting into ready the clouds and stuff and I was curious to see how deep your guys knowledge of this king of stuff is.

I'd love to hear ya thoughts,


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I tend to follow you on that one bro. I glance at the weather forecast but I know it is notoriously inaccurate especially in Hamilton. 

I have a friend who is a surfer. He was able to identify cloud formations and make reasonable predictions from them. It makes a lot of sense considering he would be on a board in the ocean most of his weekend and had to plan when to be in and out of the water according to the weather.

Oh yeah that would be a nice skill to have.

I'm considering trying to teach myself about that kind of stuff eventually, When I can be bothered.


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