I'd thought I'd start this discussion thread in relation to the September meet over on Pirongia that Ryan and myself are organising.

Firstly a big shout out to all of you here on the forum in Auckland, Waikato, BoP and further afield. Please do come along it would be really great to meet like minded folk and have a catch up.

Secondly if you have no experience of bushcraft or perhaps of tramping and the NZ outdoors in particular please do come along. The aim for the weekend is to be totally relaxed. We're happy to spend as much time as required to show and explain some of the skills from basic camping techniques through to some more bushcraft based stuff.

While we'd love folk to attend for the whole weekend of course we all lead busy lives with family and work commitments.

We'd be happy to see folk even for part of the weekend say the Saturday or Sunday AM

Kit and equipment....

You don't need a heap of special kit and equipment to attend. As Ryan says in the outline of the weekend basic stuff to stay warm and dry and a tent or other shelter if your staying for the whole weekend along with your food. You definately don't need the latest and greatest bit of Scandinavian Bushcraft kit ( but if you have we'd be interested in seeing it) to attend. If you dont have a bit of vital kit ( say a stove) just place a shout out on this thread and we can sort something out


The venue is Kaniwhaniwha on Pirongia. We chose this as it's fairly central for the Waikato + Auckland + BoP. The access is straightforward and the site has some ammenities in the form of a Long Drop also there is mixture of camping types form Bush to open paddock depending on what you fancy.

Ok that opens up the discussion...



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I took advantage of being able to knock off work a bit early on Friday to head out to the meet site at Kaniwhaniwha.

DOC have been doing a bit of work on the track and the Campground... Including a brand new communal fire site and a few bits of firewood to boot!!

The photo also shows the Camping Paddock and 5* longdrops....



This looks great John! Cheers for all the work you are putting into organising it, I'm really looking forward to it
So as you know the place is it better suited to hammocks or tents/similar? Hoping to be free then: can do either...
Hi Stu,

The venue is good for all sorts of camping. The paddock in the photo above is fringed by some very open bush which is ideal for tarps / flys or hammock style camping..

Have a look at the photo below for a general idea...

If you wanted to create you're own shelter for the weekend there is scope for that as well..

Hope this helps...

Cool!...did you have those pix ready to go or did you pop back again specially? Either way, much appreciated John. Yeah that looks great...Was just wondering if there were nearby trees for hammock but the possibilities re debris shelter have got me thinking so will prob bring the Hennesey (v quick) and then toy with the latter for fun, weather permitting. Anyway, I'm in...Changing my status now. Looking forward to it!
I'm keen to go also!

John would you mind posting some directions?

Is it a hike in to the site?, or can one drive right up to it.

thanks for organising!
Hi Talbert

There is a google map on this events page which you could use for directions if you'd like.

John should be able to answer your other questions. Great that you are keen I'm really looking forward to it!
@ Talbert,

Hi Talbert,

As Ryan points out there is a google map I knocked up that shows th location of the meet and also where the car park is.

There is approx a 3km walk form the carpark to the meet site. The walk is level and well graded.

It's not possible to drive to the meet site.

Hopefully we'll see you there.


sweet thanks guys
Hi I thought I'd bump this thread up a bit to act as a bit of a reminder to folk that we have a meet happening in a few weeks time.

It would be great to see folk there.

Click on the Events tab and RSVP.


Should we pool spare gear so other(s) can come? Off top of my head I have a couple spare tents and a large tarp plus a couple of scandiground bush knives...
Saw this in the paper - are kids welcome at all?


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