I'd thought I'd start this discussion thread in relation to the September meet over on Pirongia that Ryan and myself are organising.

Firstly a big shout out to all of you here on the forum in Auckland, Waikato, BoP and further afield. Please do come along it would be really great to meet like minded folk and have a catch up.

Secondly if you have no experience of bushcraft or perhaps of tramping and the NZ outdoors in particular please do come along. The aim for the weekend is to be totally relaxed. We're happy to spend as much time as required to show and explain some of the skills from basic camping techniques through to some more bushcraft based stuff.

While we'd love folk to attend for the whole weekend of course we all lead busy lives with family and work commitments.

We'd be happy to see folk even for part of the weekend say the Saturday or Sunday AM

Kit and equipment....

You don't need a heap of special kit and equipment to attend. As Ryan says in the outline of the weekend basic stuff to stay warm and dry and a tent or other shelter if your staying for the whole weekend along with your food. You definately don't need the latest and greatest bit of Scandinavian Bushcraft kit ( but if you have we'd be interested in seeing it) to attend. If you dont have a bit of vital kit ( say a stove) just place a shout out on this thread and we can sort something out


The venue is Kaniwhaniwha on Pirongia. We chose this as it's fairly central for the Waikato + Auckland + BoP. The access is straightforward and the site has some ammenities in the form of a Long Drop also there is mixture of camping types form Bush to open paddock depending on what you fancy.

Ok that opens up the discussion...



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Hi Matt,

Thanks for your question.

Yes children are welcome if they are supervised by a parent or caregiver.

I'm not sure how old your children are but I'd generally say under 7's might struggle a bit with the walk in. I say this from experience as a father of 3 and having done the walk into the venue with my children when they were 5. We got there and back but it take a wee while longer.

If you have any specific questions just drop me a message via the inbox function and I'll do my best to answer.

Hope this helps

HI John

They are 9 and 5. We take them all over camping and tramping - the youngest did the Ruapane Summit when she was 3. We know the site and have been there before, so no dramas. Hopefully see you then.


Will be great to meet you and your 2 kids, hope you can all make it.
Hi Matt,

Ok sounds like your children are well adapted..

Our oldest 2 did Ruapane whan they were 3 or 4 as well.

Yep look forward to seeing you there if you decide to come along.


Take this as an RSVP providing it isn't too wet and wild...kids can bear only so much!
You can RSVP through the event page if you'd like, it makes it easier for the organiser to send out last minute details as well as keep track of numbers.
Hi Matt. I'm coming with my boy, and he's near enough 6yrs old.
Hi peoples,

Unfortunatly I wont be able to come along for this meet.

I was realy looking forward to it but got a lot of stuff to sort out
winding up bussiness, doin up and selling house, finding a new place, finding job etc.. no fun..

Hope you all have a great time and I hope to be there for any future meets

(I just de-RSVP'ed@ the events page)
No problem mate we know how things go. There will always be a next time!

All the best with the busy weekend

Well the weekend is getting closer and I thought I'd update this thread with a bit of a lookforward to the weekend.

Ok currently as I write the weather for the weekend is looking like showers on the Saturday and Fine but Breezy on the Sunday.

The meeting time in the Kaniwhaniwha Reserve carpark is still 09:30 on Saturday AM.

The plan is to meet up in the carpark have a few introductions and then walk into the site as a group.

The walk in is approx 3km and the terrain is flat and the path is well graded. It's not possible to drive up to the venue.

I have spoken to the farmer who's land joins onto the DOC area and his land is very soggy so acess by 4WD is a no no also.

Ok some general rules / pointers while we are up at the camp ground.

1. We need to stay off of the private land that joins onto the DOC estate.
2. No Firearms along for the weekend please.
3. All rubbish is packed back out after the weekend
4. Please leave the camp area tidy when we leave on Sunday
5. Please don't damage the vegetation around the camp ground.
6. Long drop toilets are on site please use them.
7. Water is from the specified water point

Ok that the 'official' bit over.

As we mentioned earlier food + Beverage is entirely up to you as attendees. As is your shelter for the saturday evening and you'll need to ensure that you have warm and wet weather clothing for the weekend.

Ok onto a bit of a plan.

09:30 meet up Kaniwhaniwha reserve car park
10:00 walk up to the camp ground
10:45 ish arrive camp ground and set up for the weekend.
11:45 For those that want I'm happy to run a session on basic camp craft ( stoves tents / shelters etc)
13:30 Lunch / snacks
14:30 Again for those that want I'm happy to look at some basic navigation stuff etc
15:30 onwards other stuff...

The weekend is totally relaxed and cruisy if you just want to turn up with Kids and just hang out then thats fine.

The aim is to have a group fire in the DOC fire pit and that can get started whenever but we might need to scout out some fire wood etc.

Sunday again is cruisy I'm happy to head over to the Kaniwhaniwha Cave and subject to conditions we can go and have a look it's only a short cave but the kids may like it.

That's generally the plan..
Any questions please ask away...



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