From the name you gotta guess he is an Ozzie, I just came across him recently and I actually find him more interesting to watch than Ray Mears, blasphemy I know. Ray actually included him in his Ray Mears Goes Walkabout Season1 Episode 2. 

The TV series started in 1988 and they made 23 episodes.

You can start off here for 3 episodes:

and then search youtube for..... Bush Tucker Man ........ if you want more wiki has info on the man himself, Les Hiddins:


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just fantastic mate ,im a fan allready.Any idea where i can get any dvds?
looks like you are in luck, there is a complete collection DVD set

Bushtucker Man - The Complete Collection

Thanks mate ,keep up the good posts.
Make's you want to get an ex army 110 and go bush.
Haha I've wanted to do that long before I saw this, but still a great series thanks Deanz
It was a pretty popular show when it aired here in Australia, deanz, I love it.... and I enjoyed the Ray Mears episode with him too.

It's a shame that it's all Northern Australia, I'd love to see him explore the diversity of Victoria.

There's also a spoof series of him and similar experts such as Jack Apsalom, called:

"All Aussie Adventures, Russell Coight"


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