Lets talk food. What foods or recipies do you guys eat or cook up in the bush?


My favourite is Chicken noodle soup. I make it with one packet of chicken flavoured noodles, one packet of chicken soup and 50-100g homemade manuka smoked chicken jerky. This recipie will lift the spirits of any outdoorsman.


A close runner up is Beef noodle stew, I use a can of beef stew, one packet of beef flavoured noodles and 50-100g of Biltong. Man talking about these recipies is making my mouth water.



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Now also I always crave something sweet when in the bush so I'll carry the making for this little gem:
Camp apple pie
Take a sweet apple like Granny Smith, push it on a stick (into the top of the apple 2-3 inches).
Put the apple over hot coals of a fire slowly constantly turning (the juice will drip out a bit).
When the skin gets loose, peel it off (keep the apple on the stick).
Combine 1 cup of sugar and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon in a bowl (and nutmeg if you like), and roll the apple in the sugar mix (keeping the apple on the stick).
Put the apple back over the hot coals (turning) and it will form a kind of glaze over the apple.

Then remove from hot coals and once it cools down a bit you can eat. It's messy but good.
When travelling light in the bush we find a good base for meals is noodles, dry peas and dryed spuds. The spuds thicken ,you can chuck any other ingredients in and something like a little curry powder can transform your meal.when near the coast a fresh coped paua goes well in that chicken noodle soup.


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