At 9:23pm on May 23, 2010,
Andrew McKay

I think we could do with a book review section. I have quite a few
bushcraft and outdoors related books that have been really
useful/interesting that I can review.

Fantastic suggestion! The best medium for a book review is a blog post as you are able to add images, preview it before publishing it, and even edit the html if you want to get fancy!

Then in the Tags box write "book review", it should autocomplete the tag for you. When this is done, your book review will be included on the Book reviews subtab under Reviews. Simple as that!

How it works is that I have added a Reviews tab and a Book Reviews subtab which links to all blog posts with this "book reviews" tag. So all book reviews from any member when tagged this way will all be included on this Book Reviews page.

Really good idea Andy look forward to reading your reviews!

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