Hi everyone, as you may have noticed recently we have had lots of new "members" post poorly worded spam about ugg boots of all things.

Having to answer a CAPTCHA, and a random question has not proven to be effective and so as a last resort I have required all new members to be approved before they can post on the site. It will mean that new members will have to wait for 12-24 hrs which is a shame but this time can be reduced if anyone would like to be upgraded to be able to approve new members so we can share the load.

The vast majority of spammers have random string of letters for a name and so will be easy to detect, and even if a few slip through the net we can dispose of them as we have previously done.

Any questions or comments?

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Literally as I was writing this we had our first spammer try to join. Their name look plausable BUT look at the Town question. asdf????? Obviously a random string of letters made by an automated program. SPAM!

asdf are in the right position on the keyboard for a roll of the fingers if the prospective member didn't want to disclose their exact location?

Just a thought.

Although, you'd expect someone who lives in Hawkes Bay to know how it's spelt...

It amazes me that thy think the s**t they do works, or that the companies that pay them do. If I wanted ugg boots I would not be buying from them out of principle.

Ugg boots are a fashion disaster anyway, hopeless in the bush and really, the name says it all.

Down with spammer scum!



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