So this isn't so much about bushcraft but as you are the few people I know in NZ I'll ask! I move to Auckland on the 6th November (finally) and whilst my wife  has a lovely job lined up I do not. If anyone knows of any work I would be grateful for the contacts. I work in arboriculture but am experienced in most areas of horticulture and landscaping (Northern hemisphere). I would love to get in to forestry. Of course if anyone needs a bushcraft instructor then that would be perfect. I have 5 Years teaching experience, working for Ray Mears and frontier bushcraft in the UK. Payment for help could be some private bushcraft coaching!

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Hi Ian. Could you check with Ryan Hunt mate to see if you can advertise on this site to run your own course? I am in the Auckland Region and would be very interested in purchasing places on a number of courses taught to a small group. I am currently using a piece of land only 30 minutes outside of Auckland that we may be able to use for weekend camps. Lets get something happening cuz. Please let me know if I can help with anything and I will keep an eye out on the job front.

No problem at all using this site to be a platform for running a course Ian. Let me know if you get serious about it and I will put some time into setting up a special section.


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