I have recently moved back to New Zealand after a long stay overseas and I have just entered the world of bushcrafting. I am fairly inexperienced (only 15) and dont really know anyone  able to teach me , so I am thinking about joining either the scouts or cadets anyone know which will better for me to learn bushcraft. I also want to get into hunting and am going to buy a rifle when i turn 16 and can get my firearms license but I do no know anyone who hunts and am unfamiliar with the hunting spots, so any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks and Its great being back in Nz.

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Hey Dillon, I am a Scout Leader at Halswell Scouts. Bushcraft, as such, is not really something they teach much of in Scouts. Scouts has become very PC, and they are concerned about way to many things. I have no idea about Cadets as I have never been involved. If you want to get involved in Hunting ask around where you live etc, bound to be young guys your age keen on hunting that will take you out. Could join a club such as Deer Stalkers and they will be able to help you. Where abouts in North Canterbury are you?

The beauty of Scouts, especially as you will either be joining as a Youth Leader or joining Venturers due to your age. Is that they will get you out into the bush a few times a year, and you will meet others with similar interests you will be able to organise your own things with them. Hunting is not allowed as a Scout Troop, you can go out as just a group of mates instead though.


If you are lucky enough to know any old Kiwi Bushmen, get them to take you out. Possum trappers, especially those who stay for long periods of time in the bush, are usually very approachable and well versed in the ways of the bush.


Hunting spots appear to be becoming more closely guarded secrets, Spot X does put out a book that gives lots of areas to hunt in. But this is available to everyone so may be hunted out. Talk to local farmers, generally they are really happy to allow you on to shoot Rabbits. Get hunting permits for Doc land, and they will give you areas to hunt in.


One of the areas I trap in has had feral Goats, and I have permission to hunt them. Doc went in not so long ago to cull them, so not sure of their numbers. I can take you in their if you like. But I hunt only with a compound bow.


Good luck and good on you for joining us. Get into it and love it.


Remember the lightest piece of equipment you will ever carry is Knowledge, so learn as much as you can.




Thanks for that info am currently living in chch and if my folks are okay with it I would like to go goat hunting with you, I might learn a thing or two about bow hunting.
If one of your folks wants to come as well, no worries. As I said they have been culled not so long ago so may not even see any but we can have a look. Send me a become friends message and we can contact that way.
hi, i am in the cadet corp in nelson and we do alot of bushcraft in the cadets including shelter building, survival skills and navigation also if you were to join the cadets i would recomend that you join the cadet corp not atc or scc.

Welcome along mate, good to see another young fella interested in getting out there.

I would recommend scouts, it's what I did when I was younger and I found it a great base for future learnings in bushcraft and hunting.

And as mentioned already, join the NZDeerstalkers, they have meetings every month or so and run great weekend courses for new hunters, culminating in a goat hunt.

Well worth the price.


I am moving down to Chch in about a month and would be happy to meet and maybe go hunting in the future, I have mates down there who have access to farmland and bush blocks.


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